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5 Stars

Testimonial - Pearce | Whispering Pines

Perfect for military families!! We are a military family and moved into town from out of state. We contacted Brittany to help us with the purchase of a new home after seeing her name on multiple listings we liked. It was the best decision we could have made. Brittany is perfect for military families. She went out of her way to do virtual showings, she always put the bottom line up front, she kept us well informed and anticipated our questions, and most importantly she helped us find a home and neighborhood that is PERFECT for our family. Brittany is also well connected within the community. We asked her help on finding some home services after not having much luck on our own. Within hours we were getting phone calls from numerous referrals who were willing to set up services right away because of Brittany. It really helped to get us settled in and made us feel like part of the community. We are so grateful for everything she’s done and recommend her for all military families.

~ Jason Pearce

Google Review Riviera | Whispering Pines
Kelley Gassman Google Review | Whispering Pines
Erica Hilliard FB Review | Whispering Pines

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Brittany was amazing and assisted throughout the whole process. Communicated at every step along the way which was great given we were physically so far away at times. Will refer any and evereyone to her. 

~ Richard H Wyckoff IV

"I was looking for someone that would be upfront, concise, and honest. Ms. Hopkins had me hook, line, and sinker the moment we shook hands and she began to present Pine Bluff. Remarkable! Literally, there was no stone unturned. This area should have at least one more column above Excellent for those rare teams like Brittany and Ann. Wow! To be completely honest, every time I start to think about how enjoyable it was going through the process of purchasing our new home, I almost wish I could do it all over again. I never, at any time, felt pressured, lost, uninformed, or, remorseful. From the first moments of talking with Brittany to the last conversation we had, I felt as though I was in a college course for Realtor certification. Very refreshing to receive information that you want or need, when you want it. The best way to describe my experience is this: If I was the CEO of Meybohm Realtors and I went undercover as a home buyer and I went through the whole process with Ms. Brittany? Well, she would be the one that I gave $25k to continue education, pay for a week vacation for her and her family, and promote her to a Training Dept. responsible for developing training courses for other agents within the organization. It's how I feel."
~The Sweeney Family

Testimonials - Sorrells | Whispering Pines

Lot 81. 309 Yellow Pine Trail
"The Sorrell Family"
Builder is Winchester Homebuilders

I absolutely love living here in Whispering Pines! The development and sales team works tirelessly to constantly keep homeowners in the loop and I always look forward to hearing and seeing how much this beautiful neighborhood has grown in just the 5 months that my family has been here. The amenities, including the two parks, walking trails and landscaping, are top-notch and there is even more to come! My family and I moved from out of state and I always am telling others that my favorite thing about living here in Evans is my phenomenal neighborhood and my amazing neighbors!
~ Becky Robbins

Whispering pines was worth the wait! We first met with Brittany in February of 2016 knowing it would take us time to get our current home ready to sell. Once we saw the phase 2 layout we were sold! We closed at the end of May this year and couldn't be happier!! The sales team was amazing and helpful throughout the process, and we are loving our new home and beautiful wooded lot. We've met some wonderful neighbors and I'm sure will continue to do so.... we can't wait for the playground and pool!! We are so happy with our decision
~ Stacy Howard Carrigan

My husband and I just recently moved to Whispering Pines after living in the area for over 10 years. It took us almost 3 years to settle on this neighborhood, because nothing around here beats the standard, and as soon as they started building this neighborhood we just KNEW we wanted to live here and raise our family here. With the sidewalks, NEW (and highly rated) elementary school walking distance, new park, and just breathtaking amenities all around, nothing is done half here. We love all the trees and green space throughout the neighborhood, and the location is PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT for our family. Just a few miles from our church and our gym (Evans Fitness), our family could not be happier with this neighborhood. Oconee Capital built our house, and they were AMAZING to work with. They literally built our dream home, and were there every step of the way. We really couldn't be happier. Brittany, and the whole Whispering Pines team were the nicest, most helpful people I have ever worked with. It really feels like home here.
~ Brooke Merritt

I can’t express enough how much I LOVE my new home and my new neighborhood! The park and walking trails are my favorite amenities so far, and there are more to come in the near future. The building process was fun and living in our dream home is even better!
~ Katie Posada

We LOVE living in Whispering Pines! We've been here just over a year and have really seen it blossom. Our builder (Oconee Capital) builds a top notch product and was always willing to work with us along the way as we made changes. After we closed, they continued to be receptive and helpful whenever we needed anything. We are hopeful there will be more neighbor-centric activities and events as the community continues to grow. A beautiful and fantastic neighborhood all around!
~ Angela Floyd Hynds

Great Lots, fabulous builders and beautiful homes!
~Tara Hill

"Beau Hopkins was very attentive and responsive to our needs and questions throughout the entire home buying process. He was readily available to assist us along the way. Being that he is very familiar with the local community, he was very helpful with linking us up to local contractors for granite, plumbing/appliances, cabinets, lighting, etc. Pleasant experience overall. We are extremely happy and satisfied with our new home. Local knowledge and relationships between the Agent, Builder, and Local Bank made everything a smooth process. Continue the outstanding support!!"
~Abel Chavez

"Brittany is a polished professional who strives to provide the best experience for buyers. She is knowledgeable, personable and a skilled negotiator. With her assistance, we were able to purchase our dream home."
~ Chris and Valerie Martin

"We've moved quite a bit the last several years and we finally feel we're home! Everyone has been so welcoming, loving the "southern charm". The sales staff is outstanding. We feel fortunate to be a part of such a beautiful community."
~Michele Albrecht Guest

"When buying we were looking for a comfortable lot and somewhere that said community but privacy at the same time. The green space is wonderful. Hoping for a wonderful pool setup and great 3.5-acre park!
~Quinn Mikey